Mayor's Message

Mayor Nick Monaghan

Mayor’s Address – 2022

(Read by Mayor Monaghan at the Township Committee Reorginization Meeting held on January 5, 2022)

I would first like to thank my fellow committee members for displaying their confidence in me by electing me as the Mendham Township Mayor for 2022. It is truly an honor for me, one that I could not have envisioned when I began attending Township Committee meetings shortly after moving here over 20 years ago. I’ve seen a lot of things occur that I agreed with, a few that I didn’t, but have always felt that the power of the representative form of government lies with the people who get involved. It doesn’t take much more than a desire to be informed, and it’s even easier now that the meetings are live streamed over Zoom.

I’d like to recognize the other elected officials that are in attendance…

  • Senator Tony Bocco
  • Assemblywoman Aura Dunn

I want to take a moment to thank and recognize Mayor Neibart for her tremendous work and dedication on behalf of the town over the past two years. Among her accomplishments are:

  • Proactive and effective management and communication during the COVID Pandemic.
  • Led a budget process resulting in no tax hikes for 2 years in a row.
  • Opened the Historic Park at Pitney Farm, ending a 12-year saga that began with the Township buying the Pitney Estate.
  • And, after 30 years of discussion and can kicking, the township finally broke ground on its new police station.
  • She helped to expand recreation events and offerings to include July 4th Fireworks, for the first time I can recall, and reinvigorating the brookside beach, which is in the process of becoming an ice skating rink when it is cold enough.

And, if that’s not enough, Sarah also joined the Brookside Engine Company and is now going through FireFighter 1 school. I’ve seen some the class videos, and I’m happy to stay on the First Aid Squad, thank you very much! This just scratches the surface of all you have helped the Township to accomplish during your tenure, I think I speak for the entire community when I say Thank you for all you do!

Last, but certainly not least, I would like to recognize and thank the 4%! 4% you ask, who are they? They are our Volunteers. You may not realize it, but there are well over 200 volunteers serving our town in one capacity or another. Over 100 on boards and committees alone, another 100 or so in our first responder organizations, not to mention Mendham TV, our student volunteers, our scouting organizations working on projects benefitting the township, the “Gardening Angels”, the Pitney Task Force, the Mendham sewer east and west advisory committee, our library board volunteers, the list goes on. Compare this number to our paid staff, roughly 39 people (some of whom are part time), and you can see how much we all rely on the 4%, our volunteers! To the 96% of Mendham Township Residents I say come on down, join the 4%, you’ll be glad you did!

Set priorities for 2022

  • Successful completion of the MTPD headquarters project
    • Success being defined as quality work, On-time and on-budget
    • In the spring, transition the project to begin the major infrastructure improvements to the Municipal Building and library.
  • Focus on providing municipal services at a reasonable cost, while maintaining our emergency readiness
  • Continue the successful debt pay-down schedule
  • Make better use of technology
    • Scanning documents
      • Improves efficiencies and saves dollars by reducing time spent on OPRA requests
    • Hybrid meetings are here to say, so we should improve the Hybrid meeting technology by providing better visibility and improved audio capabilities.
  • Sustain our Department of Public Works.
    • DPW responsibilities are staggering:
      • 90 miles of roads
      • Almost 3000 acres of parks and open space
      • 30 miles of trails
      • Over 2400 stormwater basins which are mandated to be cleaned regularly and maintained at least every 5 years.
    •  And, our DPW team is an integral part of our emergency response team. Flooding, windstorms, snowstorms, ice storms, you name it, they have been there and done that.
  • Successfully implement the Townwide reassessment.
    • Tax Appeals cost the Township approximately $300,000 per year. Completing the reassessment will help us stop paying out those dollars over time, because all property assessments will be recent, and less likely to be overturned in tax court.
    • I can tell you that I saw my letter from the appraisal group, and my assessment is up, along with my anticipated tax bill. If you are in that boat with me, I feel you.
    • Keep in mind that the reassessment is revenue neutral, the assumption is that the same funding that came in in 2021 will come in in 2022. The difference is in who pays how much.
  • Last, but certainly not least, focus on trail maintenance. Our miles of trails are among our most used recreational amenities, and figure prominently among the reasons that new residents choose to live here. I’d like to work with the Environmental Commission to identify the areas that most need improvement, and develop a plan, apply for grants, to get it done.

There is a lot to do, I know I speak for the 5 of us when I say we are eager to get going! So, Thank you for the opportunity to continue to serve Mendham Township!