The general administration of the Township is managed by the Township Administrator. The Administrator oversees all municipal departments, coordinates the day to day operations of the community and carries out the policies as set by the elected Township Committee. Acting as the principal liaison between the Township Committee, township departments and the general public, the Township Administrator supervises a wide range of operational activities. The Administrator’s duties include:

  • Execution and enforcement of Township ordinances, resolutions and other Committee policies.
  • Management of Township personnel.
  • Oversight of the Township’s purchasing program.
  • Supervision of Township major capital improvement projects.
  • Preparation of the Township’s annual budget and management of expenditures under the budget plan.
  • Coordination of the Township’s open space acquisition program.
  • Solicitation of grant funding for various programs and projects.
  • Oversight of the Township’s public information activities (including the website and Mendham TV).
  • Oversight of various State Mandated programs (such as Stormwater Management, Recycling, Affordable Housing, etc.).
  • General coordination of all citizen service requests.
  • Various other activities as directed by the Township Committee.

The Administrator is available via email or by phone (973) 543-4555 at extension 215. Residents may also schedule an appointment to meet with the Administrator. Please contact the Town Hall offices at 973-543-4555 to schedule an appointment.