Construction Department


The Construction Department administers and enforces the New Jersey Uniform Construction Code. The Construction Department consists of a part-time licensed Construction Sub-Code Official and part-time licensed Plumbing, Electrical and Fire Sub-Code Officials.

Frequently Asked Questions


 ♦ What type of work on my house requires a Construction Permit?

 ♦ Why should I get a permit?

 ♦ Is a permit required to install a fence around my property?

 ♦ Do my own home improvements around the house and I'm not going to use a contractor, so why do I need a Construction Permit?

 ♦ How long will it take to get my permit?

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Staff Contacts

Name Title Phone
Len Perre Construction / Zoning Official (973) 543-4555 ext. 216
Beth Foley Technical Assistant (973) 543-4555 ext. 230
Colin Baker Fire Subcode Official
Chris Shay Smoke & Carbon Monoxide Official (973) 543-4555
Rob Smith Electrical Subcode Official
Joe Caputo Plumbing Subcode Official