PUBLIC NOTICE IS HEREBY GIVEN that I, Linda Ann Roth, Collector of Taxes for the Township of Mendham, Morris County, New Jersey, will sell at Public Auction in the Township Meeting Room, Municipal Building, 2 West Main Street, P.O. Box 520, Brookside, NJ 07926 on the 7th day of September, 2022 at 9:30 a.m. or at such later time and place to which said sale may then be adjourned, the following described properties for nonpayment of 2021 property taxes, and/or other municipal charges remaining unpaid for the year 2021, together with interest and cost computed to the date of sale. 

The Collector will sell in fee to the person who bids the amount due, at the lowest rate of interest, but in no case exceeding 18% per annum.  Properties for which there are no purchasers shall be struck off and sold to the Township of Mendham at an interest rate of 18%.  The sale will be made in accordance with the provisions of the State of New Jersey concerning unpaid taxes, assessments and other municipal charges on real property, and providing for the collection thereof by the creation and enforcement of liens thereon.

All payments made prior to the tax sale must include all 2022 interest/penalty charges pursuant to Chapter 75 laws of 1991.  Real estate taxes, assessments, water charges, sewer charges and other municipal charges for the year 2022 are not included in this sale.  Payments in full inclusive of all 2022 interest/penalty charges, of any items, may be made any time before the sale by remitting CASH, CERTIFIED CHECK OR MONEY ORDER to the Tax Collector of the Township of Mendham.

Certificate purchasers are herewith advised that Industrial Properties may be subject to the Spill Compensation and Control Act (N.J.S.A. 58:10-23.11 et seq.) the Water Pollution Control Act (N.J.S.A. 58:10A-1 et seq.) and the Industrial Site Recovery Act (N.J.S.A. 13:1K-6 et seq.). In addition, the municipality is precluded from issuing a tax sale certificate to any prospective purchaser who is or may be in any way connected to the prior owner or operator of the site.

Payment for the sale shall be made before the conclusion of same or the property will be resold.  CASH OR CERTIFIED CHECK only will be accepted as payment. 

In the event that the owner of the property is on active duty in the military service, the Tax Collector shall be notified immediately.

                                                                              TAX COLLECTOR - LINDA ANN ROTH, CTC

BLOCK          LOT        QUAL             PROPERTY LOCATION     TYPE              AMOUNT
100                  61.06                           2 WRIGHT LN                     TAX               38,404.98
118                  21                                30 COLD HILL RD               TAX               12,489.04
127                  84                                22 SCHOOLHOUSE LN      TAX               15,032.36
129                  11                                2 WOODLAND RD              TAX               11,517.58
147                  2.15     QFARM          HARDSCRABBLE RD          TAX               51,454.05
TOTAL                                                                                                                   128,898.01

August 10, 17, 24, & 31, 2022