Reminders to Residents Regarding Garbage & Recycling Collection

The Township of Mendham would like to remind residents of some important trash and recycling notices:

Recycle Track Systems (RTS) provides garbage pickup for Mendham Township.

SCHEDULE: Garbage Pickup will be either Tuesday or Wednesday, depending on your street – Routes listed here:  rts_garbage_collection_routes.pdf ( Pickup may begin as early as 6:00am so please ensure that you have placed your trash out before that time.

STICKERS: Please ensure that normal trash bags contain at least one sticker per fifteen (15) pounds of weight. For guidance on certain items, please find a list of standard weights for common trash and bulk items here. Stickers may be purchased at the Mendham CVS located in the Village Shopping Center, 88 East Main Street in Mendham.

QUESTIONS: For garbage collection questions, reach out to RTS via email – you may use the RTS dedicated customer service or at 1-833-663-6787.

Important Facts and Frequently Asked Questions about Garbage Collection

Morris County Municipal Utilities Authority provides recycling pickup for Mendham Township.

SCHEDULE: Recycling is picked up dual-stream with paper and bottles/cans collected on alternating Mondays 2022 Recycling Schedule.  Weeks following a missed collection due to holiday or weather will have both sets of materials (papers and bottles/cans) collected on the same day, yet in different containers.  Recyclables must be placed at the curb the night before collection. By placing materials out the night before, residents ensure that curbside recyclables are picked up.

PREPARATION OF RECYCLABLE MATERIALS: For Mendham Township, the MCMUA collects single-stream recyclables with paper and bottles/cans collected on alternating Mondays. This means that aluminum, glass bottles and jars, steel cans and plastic containers (#1, #2, #5 only) can be mixed together for collection.  In a separate container, place recyclable paper including newspaper, corrugated cardboard, junk mail, office paper, magazines, cartons, etc. for curbside collection. Newspaper and cardboard are not required to be bundled or tied.

CONTAINER WEIGHT: There is a 50-pound weight limit on each filled recycling container put out at curbside for collection by MCMUA.  MCMUA suggests no larger than 32-gallon containers so residents do not go above the single container 50-pound limit.  Use multiple containers for set-outs heavier than 50 pounds.

QUESTIONS: For Recycle Collection questions, call the Township offices at 973-543-4555 Ext. 210.

Important Facts and Frequently Asked Questions Recycling