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Founded 1749

Mendham Township

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Important Halloween Information For All Mendham Township Residents

Release Date: October 30, 2014
Press Release From The Mendham Township Police Department

Due to a variety of issues in the past couple years and the fact that Halloween is on a Friday Night, the Mendham Township Police Department will be implementing a few rules in regards to Halloween this year, in particular in the Drakewick Area.     The following rules will be in effect for this year:

  1. All residents in the township are asked to stop handing out candy by 9PM. 
  2. Parents are asked to ensure their kids have rides home or have a destination established at the conclusion of trick or treating in the Drakewick area as well as any other areas of towns. 
  3. No groups of kids will be permitted to congregate in the Drakewick area after 9:45PM.    Any kids still in the area will be asked to leave the area or will be taken to the Mendham Township Police Department to wait for rides.    This will also apply to other areas of towns where large groups of kids are encountered or causing a disturbance. 
  4. Any residence which is dark and with its lights off we ask trick or treaters to avoid.  
Mendham Township police will have increased patrols working township wide that evening.    We will have both uniform and plain clothes officers working all areas of towns including the Drakewick and Brookrace developments.      We ask residents of all the local communities who plan on trick or treating in Mendham Township to take respect our community and take care to follow the above rules.    
As always please ensure that your kids costumes can be seen after dark by passing vehicles and please try to stay on sidewalks or as close to the curb as possible.    In addition as always please thoroughly inspect your candy prior to consuming.   As always please contact the Mendham Township Police immediately if you see or hear any suspicious or disruptive activity.    Have a safe and Happy Halloween.