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Mendham Township

Founded 1749

Mendham Township

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Mendham Township Environmental Commission News

Release Date: April 17, 2013
Electronics Recycling Day This Weekend

Together We Can Make A Difference In Keeping Mendham Township Clean And Green!

2013 Mendham Electronics Recycling Day:

Saturday, May 11
9 AM - 1 PM
Free!! (Donations Accepted)
Mendham Borough Public Works
37 Ironia Rd.

Acceptable Items:

Computers:  Desktop & laptop computers, cables, wiring, adapters, copiers, hardware, printers, monitors, small electronics, cell phones, small household appliances, tape recorders, radios, speakers, cameras, gaming units, typewriters & fax machines. * TVs of all kinds.*

Unacceptable Items:
Washers & dryers, air conditioners, refrigerators/freezers, stoves.

Sponsored By:  Mendham Borough & Mendham Township Environmental Commissions

Limited Pick up services for the disabled. 
For further information or to arrange a pick up (limited pickup for the disabled), please contact Lisa Smith at 973 543-6535 by May 6th.

Adopt-a-Byway Program:

Litter along the roadside is a blight on the community that no resident appreciates.  However, while it is easy to agree on the impact of the problem, it is far more difficult to stop the litter from accumulating.  The Mendham Township Environmental Commission has studied the issue and has identified an excellent program for keeping the Township’s roadsides clean.  Since 1989, the Commission has been sponsoring the Adopt-A-Byway program.  This program, highlighted on all of the gateway signs entering the community, promotes community volunteerism as a means to address the litter problem. 
The way the program works is simple.  Township residents volunteer to walk along a road periodically and pick up trash.  These “adopters” usually select a road near their home as the one they keep clean.  They clean up stretches of road as long or short as they wish.  The only request made of the “adopter” is that they keep the section of roadway they have adopted reasonably litter free as often as needed.
Over the years, residents have adopted about a third of the Township’s roadways and the Environmental Commission would like to take this opportunity to heartily thank those volunteers.  This year, we would like to involve more residents and see more of our roadways gain the benefit of a regular cleanup.  If you are not already an Adopt-A-Byway volunteer, we urge you to become one.  If you are already a volunteer, we would appreciate knowing you are still on the job.  To keep our records current, we would like to ask that everyone who is willing to devote some time and energy to this worthy activity to click on the following link: to enter basic information for our files and for minimal correspondence.
April 22 this year is Earth Day.  A great way to celebrate is for residents and their families to clean up some small portion of your neighborhood.   While cleaning, please take a picture and email it to  We would love to post a picture or two on the Mendham Township website.