Septic and Well Information
To obtain a permit to build or alter a septic system, drill a well, or conduct a soil perc test in Mendham Township, a permit is required through the Mendham Township Board of Health.  Wendy Parrinello, Board Secretary, may be reached at 973 543-4555 x 218. Mendham Township contracts with the Morris County Health Department for the inspections of all new or altered septic systems or wells. 
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Morris County Office of Health Management Website
Local Septic Inspectors & Engineers
For a Well Application Packet click here.

Applications & forms for Septic Systems
For a copy of the fee schedule click here.
Engineer's Certificate of Continued Use of the Septic System click here
(Must be completed and sealed by an Engineer)
For an Application for Permit to Construct, Alter, or Repair an individual subsurface sewage disposal system click here.
For a Standard form for Submission of Repairs click here.
For a Statement of Confirmation for number of bedrooms click here.
For Suitable Fill Certification click here.
For a Septic Tank Water Tightness Test Certification click here.
For Mendham Township Water Standards for Compliance click here.
The Langlier Index is required by the Township for a Certificate of Potability for home resale. It is an approximate indicator of the degree of saturation of calcium carbonate in water. It is calculated (58 KB) using the pH, alkalinity, calcium concentration, total dissolved solids, and water temperature of a water sample collected at the tap.
Certificates of Continued Use and Well Potability are To be issued by the Township Health Department

Be Septic Smart! 
Click here to view A Homeowner's Guide to Septic Systems by the EPA.
Click here to view The Homeowner's Guide to Septic by the NJDEP.