Mayor Sarah Neibart
Term expires 12/31/2021
Liaison to: Finance, Sewer East and West, Police, Recreation, Regional School District, Tree Protection, Police Station Design


Deputy Mayor Nick Monaghan
Term expires 12/31/2021
Liaison to: Public Works, Heatlh, Library, Police, Surrounding Town Outreach, Wildlife Management, Pitney Park


Tom Baio
Term expires 12/31/2022
Liaison to: Construction, Fire, Historic Preservation, Planning, Zoning, Police Station Design, Pitney Park


Amalia Duarte
Term expires 12/31/2023
Liaison to: Environmental, First Aid Squad, Sewer East & West, Mendham TV, Shared Court, Stigma-Free Initiative, Ad Hoc Marketing 


Jordan Orlins
Term expires 12/31/2022
Liaison to: Finance, Mendham Township School District, Recreation, Surrounding Town Outreach, Tax Assessor, 


The 2021 Township Committee Members

Photo Courtesy of Ariana Baio

(l to r)  Tom Baio, Amalia Duarte, Mayor Sarah Neibart, Deputy Mayor Nick Monaghan, Jordan Orlins 


During the calendar year 2021, meetings will be held by the Township Committee to discuss or act upon public business at 7:30 p.m., prevailing time, unless otherwise noted, at Township Hall, Brookside, New Jersey. Due to the COVID-19 State of Emergency, the Township Committee meetings may be held virtually.  The public may be excluded from certain discussions pursuant to N.J.S.A. 10:4-12b.

For meeting dates, agenda and minutes, please click here.