Utilities Serving Mendham Township

Comcast:  Customer Service:  1 800 COMCAST.  Website:  www.comcast.net

Verizon FIOS:  (Cable TV, data & voice) Customer Service at 1-800 VERIZON.  Website:  www.Verizon.com.


Randolph Township MUA:  973 989-7100  click here for website

Southeast Morris County MUA:  973 326-6878  click here for website

New Jersey American Water: 1-800-652-6987 click here for website
                                             Electric and Gas

PSEG:  Website:  www.pseg.com
            Customer Service: 1-800-436-PSEG (7734)     
JCPL:   Website:  www.firstenergycorp.com
            Customer Service:  1-800-662-3115
                                 Office of Emergency Management

OEM Coordinator Evan Buzzy Thomas The Mendham Emergency Management Program is designed to maximize the resources and personnel available during the times of emergencies and disasters and at the same time minimize the threat to life and property from natural and technological disasters.

The Office of Emergency Management prepares disaster management plans, declare a "state of emergency", and coordinate the repsonses of emergency personnel within the Township.

If you have an electric well or a family member on electric life support equipment, click here for an informational brochure from JCP&L.  Special needs population registry for disaster relief click here.