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The Mendham Emergency Management Program is designed to maximize the resources and personnel available during the times of emergencies and disasters and at the same time minimize the threat to life and property from natural and technological disasters.

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 New Jersey's Special Needs Registry
Register Ready – New Jersey’s Special Needs Registry for Disasters allows New Jersey residents with disabilities or access and functional needs and their families, friends, caregivers and associates an opportunity to provide information to emergency response agencies so emergency responders can better plan to serve them in a disaster or other emergency.
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Emergency Preparedness
                                 JCP&L Outage Information

*  To Report A Power Outage To JCP&L/First Energy click here
*  To Sign Up For JCP&L/First Energy Facebook Page and Repair Crew Tracking   click here 
*  For more informaiton on JCP&L outage tracking click here

*To ensure the safety of our workers, please do not post signs on utility poles. Nails, staples or other fasteners used to attach signs to poles can be hazardous to workers who must climb these poles to repair or maintain our equipment. 

In addition, state law prohibits the posting of signs or outdoor advertising on utility poles. If you want to advertise your event, get permission from property owners to post your signs on stakes, and check with your local municipality on regulations your town may have about posting signs. 


*  To contact PSE&G please call 800 436-7734 or click here
                              Water Companies Directory

Street By Street Directory of Water Companies Serving the Township click here.
*  Randolph Township MUA:  973 989-7100 or 973 326-6880  click here for website.
*  Southeast Morris County MUA:  973 326-6880 click here for website.
*  New Jersey American Water: 1-800-652-6987 click here for website.
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*  Morris County MCUrgent Reverse 911 click here
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                                 Be Prepared~Make A Plan

Emergency Preparedness Tips NJ
*  Register A Disabled Family Member County Emergency Registry click here
*  Electric well or a family member on electric life support equipment? click here
*  New Jersey School Emergency Preparedness
*  Hazard Mitigation Plan -2015
                                          Important Links

*  New Jersey Homeland Security
*  New Jersey Emergency Management
*  American Red Cross
*  Center For Disease Control


                                Project Lifesaver Program

Sheriff’s Project Lifesaver Program Works to Quickly Find Those Prone to Wander     Project Lifesaver is a program of the Morris County Sheriff’s Office that provides timely response to save lives and reduce potential injury for adults and children who wander due to Alzheimer’s, autism and other related conditions or disorders.

The Morris County Sheriff’s Office was the first agency in New Jersey to create a Project Lifesaver program, and was instrumental in bringing it statewide.

The program provides tracking bracelets for people who are prone to wandering and becoming lost, said Morris County Edward V. Rochford. When a person is reported missing members of the Morris County Sheriff’s Emergency Services team deploy specialized tracking equipment to locate the individual, Rochford said.

"In the past it took several hours and dozens of officers to locate a missing person,” Rochford said. “Clients enrolled in the Project Lifesaver program are typically found within 20 minutes by two officers.”

Since the program is statewide, a caregiver may take the person who is on the Project Lifesaver program anywhere in the state, and should they wander or become missing, the sheriff in that county will be able to track and locate that individual.

More information about the Morris County Sheriff’s Project Lifesaver program may be obtained online at, or on the county’s YouTube channel, or by calling the Sheriff’s Support Services Division at (973) 285-6685.