RTS, Mendham Township's New Garbage Collection Provider

 Stickers may be purchased by contacting RTS at 1-833-MNDM-RTS (663-6787) or at the Mendham CVS located in the Village Shopping Center, 88 East Main Street in Mendham.  Stickers are sold in sets of 10/$7.00.


Garbage is collected once a week using RTS, a private contractor. Township residents pay only for the amount of garbage they produce. The hauler collection costs and overhead costs are paid by a contract through municipal taxes. You pay a sticker fee to cover the cost of disposal at the Morris County Transfer Station.



Q. Are the current service days still the same under the new hauler?

A. Your trash service days will remain the same, with trash pickup on either Tuesday or Wednesday, depending on your street.  Recycling will n ow be picked up every Thursday, instead of every other Thursday.

Q. Will my trash be picked up at the same time?

A. Every hauler plans its own specific routes through the town, so it is possible that the exact time of pickup on your pickup day will change. Pickup may begin as early as 6:00 am so please ensure that you have placed your trash out before that time.

Q. How can I determine the weight of my bags or items?

A. Please ensure that normal trash bags contain at least one sticker per fifteen (15) pounds of weight.  For guidance on certain items, please find a list of standard weights for common trash and bulk items here (link will be provided soon).

Q. If I have private trash service, would the new hauler be picking up my recycling?

A. As long as you place your recycling out on Thursday, the new hauler will pick it up.  If you have a separate recycling arrangement with your private hauler, you can continue to utilize that service.

Q. Will the trash sticker price stay the same as it is currently?

A. Yes, the stickers are still 70 cents each and can still be bought in 10 (for $7.00) at CVS at 88 East Main Street or by contacting RTS at 1-833-MNDM-RTS or MendhamTwp@rts.com.

Q. If I forget to put stickers on my trash, will it be picked up?

A. No, the hauler cannot pick up the trash if there are no stickers - or an insufficient number of stickers - placed on the bags.  In that case, the hauler will resume pickup the following week.

Q. Can I put out large bulky items for pick up?

A. Yes, please place any bulky items out on your normal trash service day.  Please note that bulky waste items must contain the proper number of stickers (at least one sticker per 15 pounds of weight) or the hauler cannot pick them up.  If you wish to dispose of a bulky item, please place it out with your trash on your normally scheduled pick up day.

Q. Are there restrictions to bulky items I can place out for pick up?

A. Bulky items are only eligible for trash pickup if they can fit in a normal read-load "packer" garbage truck, and no single item can exceed three hundred (300) total pounds in weight.  The hauler cannot accept bulky items with electronic components or other hazardous or restricted chemicals which require alternative disposal according to town, county, state, or federal law.

If you are disposing of a refrigerator or air conditioner, please ensure that the product does not exceed 300 pounds in weight, that it contains the correct number of stickers, and that a note certifying the removal of freon from an authorized contractor or appliance company is affixed to the item.

If you have a question about particular items, please call 1-833-MNDM-RTS or email us at MendhamTwp@rts.com.

Q. Do I need to put stickers on my recycling? Are there rules about how to package recycling

A. No, you do not need the stickers for recycling.  All recycables should be placed loose - not bagged - in your recycling container.  Plastic bags cannot be recycled by your facility and prevent any recyclables inside from being processed.  If there is trash in your recycling bag, the hauler is obligated not to pick it up.  This is to ensure maximum diversion of recyclables away from landfills and compliance with regulations.  Also, large stacks of papers should be tied together in accordance with town regulations.

Q. What materials should I recycle? What shouldn't I recycle?

A. Preventing “contamination” is one of the most important things that you can do for the environment from a waste perspective! Many Americans are not aware of the materials that are accepted for recycling or how to make sure that what they throw in the recycle bin actually gets recycled. All recycled materials should be cleaned (and rinsed, except in the case of paper) thoroughly, or else processing centers reject the materials. You can place out for recycling: cardboard, aluminum, paper (office and newspaper), glass, and plastic items. Please note that in accordance with town and county regulations only plastic types 1 (PET) and 2 (HDPE) are required to be recycled. Plastic bags, thin film/packaging, coffee cups and greasy or wet paper (like greasy pizza boxes) cannot be recycled. Please do not include these items in your recycling, as Mendham Township's recycling facility will reject the whole load - and send it to landfill - if it contains such “contaminants.”

Proper recycling is actually a complicated matter! For more detail, please call or email RTS (1-833-MNDM-RTS or MendhamTwp@rts.com, or learn more from the US Environmental Protection Agency or the NJ Department of Environmental Protection.


Q. How can I go above and beyond on recycling?


A.  Reducing overall amounts of trash and recycling is always the best way to help communities achieve zero waste. When you do recycle, however, while you are not required to do so you can help ensure that the material will actually be recycled by separating cardboard from other recyclables, ideally by switching between recycling cardboard and all other items on alternating Thursdays. This is known as “source separation,” and it helps recycling centers accept and process clean and like materials.


Q. Can I use the current Blue Diamond stickers as of January 1, 2020?


A. New RTS stickers are already on sale at CVS or by contacting the company! As of January 1, 2020, new RTS stickers will be accepted on all trash. As a courtesy to residents who may have a small surplus of stickers, RTS has agreed to honor Blue Diamond’s stickers though January 31, 2020. As of February 1, 2020, they will no longer be accepted and if used, trash cannot be picked up.


Q. Can I receive money back for any unused Blue Diamond stickers that I have?


A. Residents may mail back full sheets only of disposal stickers for reimbursement to Blue Diamond Disposal. Sticker redemption will end Jan. 31, 2020. The CVS store in Mendham will not redeem any unused stickers. All residents should mail their full sheets to Blue Diamond Disposal, P.O. Box 267, Succasunna, NJ 07876 no later than Jan. 31. 2020. 


For infomation on collection routes click here. 


For a schedule of required stickers for trash click here.


* Residents not wishing to participate in the Township garbage collection program may opt to hire their own private contractor directly.  For information on private waste haulers consult the local yellow pages of your phone book.


* To reach out to RTS via email, please use the RTS dedicated customer service address: mendhamtwp@rts.com