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The Mendham Township Fire Department is an entirely volunteer organization. The Department is comprised of two independent fire companies - Brookside Engine Company on the east side of town and Ralston Engine Company on the west side of town. The volunteer firefighters who serve the community unselfishly contribute their time and effort to fight fires and save lives in Mendham Township. They undertake regular training to maintain their skills and are on call 24 hours a day seven days a week.   The Brookside and Ralston Companies are open to volunteers anyone over the age of 16 is eligible to join.  Brookside hosts an annual clambake on the first or second Saturday in September, a Halloween party in October and a visit from Santa Claus in December.

Brookside Engine Company No. 1
Brookside Engine Company No. 1 Fire Chief: chief@bec1.org
2022 Officers
Chief Stephen M. Sauerman
Deputy Chief Daniel Wood
Assistant Chief John Kemp
Lieutenant Warren Gisser
Chief Engineer Christian Kalweit
Ralston Engine Company No. 1
Ralston Engine Company No. 1 Fire Chief: RalstonMTFD@gmail.com
2022 Officers
Chief Tom Montgomery
1st Assistant Chief Scott Mortensen
2nd Assistant Chief Jeffrey Betz
President Joseph Gomeringer
Fire Official Chris Shay: cshay@mendhamtownship.org