Before the sale of any home in Mendham Township can be completed, the law requires that specific health and safety requirements must be met and confirmed by certification.
Septic System Inspection
Your septic system must be inspected by either a Registered Environmental Health Specialist or a Professional Engineer licensed in the State of New Jersey. The inspection report will be shared with the Board of Health and upon a satisfactory review, the homeowner will be issued the Certificate for Continued Use. 
Certificate for Continued Use for an Individual Sewage Disposal System: Prior to the transfer of title to any property which includes a previously occupied dwelling or other structure served by an individual subsurface sewage dispisal system, the Board of Health shall issue a certificate for continued use of each such system on the property.
Board of Health Fee Schedule and Important Documents
Engineer's Certificate of Continued Use of the Septic System (must be completed and sealed by an Engineer)
*Exemption: A septic system which has been altered by the installation of a new disposal field and such installation was done pursuant to a permit being issued by the Board of Health no more than 24 months preceding the date of title transfer.  In such a case te Certificate of Compliance - Installation from the Board of Health shall take the place of the Certificate for Continued Use.  No fee is required.
Well Water Testing and Potability
If your home is on well water, it must be tested by a State Certified Laboratory. The lab results report will be shared with the Board of Health and upon a satisfactory review, a Potable Water Certificate will be issued to the homeowner.
*The Langelier Index is required by the Township of Mendham for a Certificate of Potability for home resale.  It is an approximate indicator of the degree of saturation of calcium carbonate in water.  It is calculated (58 KB) using the pH, alkalinity, calcium concentration, total dissolved solids and water temperature of a water sample collected at the tap.
*Note that this requirement is NOT the same as the State of New Jersey's PWTA (Private Well Testing Act), although certain results may be valid for both tests.
The results of each of these tests (if compliant) are valid for 8 months and the certifcate, based on the results are valid for 6 months, whichever expires first.
Fire Safety Inspection
Certificate of Smoke Detector, Fire Extinguisher and Carbon Monoxide Alarm Compliance. Your smoke detectors, fire extinguisher and carbon monoxide alarms must be inspected to assure that they comply with all current regulations.  To schedule an inspection, the Fire Resale Application must be completed and submitted with a payment of $50.
*In addition to home resale, this inspection is also required of all rental properties in Mendham Township. Adequate notice must be given before scheduling the inspection.  The Certificate is valid for 6 months.