Before the sale of any home in Mendham Township can be completed, the law requires that specific health and safety requirements must be met and confirmed by certification.
                             Septic System Inspection
  Certificate of Continued Use for an Individual Sewage Disposal System

Your septic system must be inspected by either a Registered Environmental Health Specialist or a Professional Engineer licensed in the State of New Jersey and not affiliated with the Township.   Fee:  $45.00

     * For the BOH Fee Schedule click here

  • For an Application for Permit to Construct, Alter, or Repair an individual subsurface sewage disposal system click here.
  • For a Standard for for Submission of Repairs click here.
  • For a Statement of Confirmation for number of bedrooms click here.
  • For Suitable Fill Certification click here.
  • For a Septic Tank Water Tightness Test Certification click here.

     * To view the Board of Health web page click here

*Exemption:  A septic system which has been altered by the installation of a new disposal field and such installation was done pursuant to a permit being issued by the Board of Health no more than 24 months preceding the date of title transfer.  In such case the Certificate of Compliance – Installation from the Board of Health shall take the place of the Certificate of Continued Use.  No fee is required.

                                      Well Water Test
Certificate of Potability*
(for homes on well water only).

Water must be tested by a State Certified Laboratory.  Return the satisfactory results to the Board of Health to obtain the certificate.  Fee:  $45.00

  * For a copy of the application  click here
      * To view the Board of Health web page click here
*Note that this requirement is NOT the same as the State of New Jersey ’s PWTA
 (Private Well Testing Act), although certain results MAY be valid for both tests.
      The results of each of these tests (if compliant) are valid for 8 months and the Certificates based on the results are valid for 6 months, whichever expires first.

                                  Fire Safety Inspection
Certificate of Smoke Detector/Fire Extinguisher/Carbon
Monoxide Alarm Compliance
Your smoke detectors, fire extinguisher and carbon monoxide alarms must be inspected to assure that they comply with all current regulations.  To apply for this inspection, fill out the form below and submit with payment to be placed on the inspection schedule. 
NOTE:  This inpsection is required for all rental properties in Mendham Township.
Adequate notice must be given before scheduling the inspection.  This Certificate is valid for 6 months.