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Volunteers Needed For The Pitney Farm Property Transition Team

Release Date: January 27, 2012
The Pitney Farm Property Transition Team Has Moved Onto Phase II And Is In Need Of Volunteers.

Pitney Transition Phase II – Action Plan
Mission Statement:     Organize and implement the actions necessary to carry out the recommendations outlined in the Pitney Farm Transition Committee Report dated May 9, 2011. The actions outlined will achieve the mission of preparing the property for the Township’s assumption of property management responsibilities and establishing a plan for the long term future use of the property.
Action Items:   The actions associated with the implementation of the recommendations included in the Transition Report are outlined in greater detail below along with suggested timetables for the completion of the actions.
Management: Create an effective plan to expedite the oversight of on-going and future property management responsibilities.
  • Develop a recommended structure for organizing and overseeing the management responsibilities identified in the Transition Report.
            a. Identify committee assignments, including, but not limited to, general  management, property maintenance, fundraising/finance, public relations, event  planning, and garden oversight. The structure should also include a primary            executive role with general management/point of contact responsibility for the  overall committee activities. (end of September 2011) 
            b. Establish duties for each committee (end of September 2011)
  • Develop/implement plan for the management/upkeep of the gardens/facilities (December 2011)
  • Prepare a detailed rental plan and prepare draft leases to be ready for implementation when the Township assumes full oversight of the property (March 2012)
  • Establish/implement a plan and associated procedures for the coordination of events/activities to be scheduled on the property. (January 2012)
  • Plan a kickoff event(s) for September 2011. (August 2011)
  • Finalize Financial Plan for the property including, but not limited to, confirming the elements of the Transition Plan recommendations to be implemented for the self-sustenance of maintenance operations. (March 2012)
Endowment/Fundraising: Establish an endowment, so funds can be accepted from various sources, which will begin defraying annual operating costs as well as mitigate the expense of any future improvements.
  • Work with the Township Administrator and legal counsel (Township Attorney and Day Pitney) on the development of an endowment fund and associated guidelines for the oversight of the fund. (January 2012)
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Pitney Transition Phase II – Action Plan
  • Develop/implement fundraising program including, but not limited to grant solicitation, capital gifts/contribution outreach plan, organization of fundraising activities. The program should feature both an outline for strategic approach as well as objectives for the fundraising activities. (May 2012)
Master Plan and Preservation Plan: Develop a master plan and preservation plan which will establish the future use(s) of the property and identifies elements of the property that are to be targeted for preservation. This plan will become the guide under which maintenance/repair decisions are to be prioritized and future fundraising efforts are to be targeted. The plan should be developed by a professional working in conjunction with the Pitney Transition Team, Township Committee and the community at-large.
  • Work with the Township Committee and Township Administrator on the development of a draft request for proposal(s)/scope of work to be used to solicit a professional planner(s) to lead the Master Plan and Preservation Plan process. The request for proposal(s) should be clear in the expectation that the planning process should facilitate extensive community input and consensus building. (December 2011)
  • Work with the Township Committee and Township Administrator on the selection of a professional planner(s) (January 2012)
  • Work with the Township to solicit/identify funds to support the planning work (January 2012)
  • Work with the Township Committee and professional planner(s) on the completion of the Master Plan and Preservation Plan for the property (January 2013)
 To Volunteer:  Go to the Mendham Township homepage applications may be found in the Volunteers section.  

Questions?:  Please call Town Hall (973) 543-4555.