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Maggie Doyne To Speak This Sunday at the Brookside Community Club

Release Date: August 11, 2010
Maggie Doyne founder of the Kopila Childrens Home to speak about her experiences caring for the children in Nepal

Everyone...... Come Hear Maggie Doyne speak - this Sunday in Mendham

at the Community Club of Brookside 7PM!


- Join us this Sunday night August 15th to meet with and hear Maggie Doyne, founder of The Kopila Valley Children's Home and Frank Cioppettini, Jr. medical student, speak of their recent experiences caring for the children in Nepal. 

- After winning the 2009 International Grand Prize at the Do Something Awards, Maggie took her prize money and began her next phase for the Kopila Valley children, she is building a school for well over 200 more kids!

- Come and hear her story along with Frank who volunteered his services this Summer giving medical care as well as planning a clinic, there in Surhket, Nepal.


This is an exciting opportunity to share in some wonderful experiences of one of two own!


See you there Sunday.