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Buttermilk Falls Update

Release Date: July 24, 2020
A Message from Mayor Sarah Neibart

Over the past month, there have been numerous reports of people not recreating responsibly in our local parks. 


Mendham Township has made efforts to address these issues by educating park goers on Township guidelines, posting signage, and increasing patrols to ensure that traffic and parking guidelines are being followed. 


Unfortunately, again, last weekend, we received reports of overcrowded areas, alcohol consumption, illegal drug-use, littering, and non-compliance with social distancing protocols. 


A group of stakeholders met this past week with Township Committee members to address this situation. Buttermilk Falls is an incredible asset to our community, one that we hope residents and others have a chance to safely explore. However, recent behavior by some visitors has been harmful to the environment and, at times, even dangerous. 


On Wednesday night, the Township Committee voted to close the parking lot at India Brook Park on weekends through Labor Day. We are confident that this action will help address the issue of overcrowding, and should mitigate the other areas of concern, this being the main access point near the Falls. The other access points to Buttermilk Falls will remain open. 


If you choose to visit Buttermilk Falls this weekend, please carry in and carry out all of your trash. Also, be aware that outdoor cooking, fires, grilling, swimming, drug-use, smoking, and alcohol are not permitted. 


Looking at the weather forecast, I want to encourage residents to get out and explore the various natural gems in our community. For more information on our parks and trails, please visit: But, before you go, there are a few things to keep in mind.


Maintain Social Distancing:

If you pass someone on a trail, one of you should responsibly step off the trail to keep 6 feet away from the other person. 


Bring a Mask: 

A mask is worn to prevent the droplets that fly out of our mouths - when we breathe or speak, not just when we cough or sneeze - from being inhaled by those nearby. So, as we do our best to maintain at least 6 feet away from one another, our masks add another level of protection. When you are outside and able to social distance, masking is not required; however, when another person comes into your line of sight, you should put your mask on and cover your mouth and nose.



All dogs must always be on a leash and stay near their owner. 



Please do not throw trash on trails. Anything you bring into a park or trail, should be taken back home with you. 


Be Careful:

If you intend to hit an open trail, please be careful and do not take unnecessary risks that could lead to a fall or injury. 


If you are sick, stay home!

If you or a loved one is sick or has been required to quarantine because of a recent exposure, please refrain from hiking the trails and being in public spaces. Wait and rest until you’re fully recovered before hitting the trails.  


Have a great weekend, stay hydrated, check for ticks, and stay safe. 


Sarah Neibart

Mayor, Mendham Township