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Help for Homeowners During the Covid Crisis

Release Date: April 26, 2020
Free COVID Resources for You

Dear Homeowner,


This is a trying time for all of us; many have lost their jobs or had their incomes or savings negatively affected by the Covid crisis. As you know, the Housing Partnership has been contracted by your municipality to administer their affordable housing, so we can help you understand your options.


Mortgages and Foreclosures

You may have heard that some lenders are offering a moratorium on payments but those are only offered to people who contact their lenders and explain their situation. It is important that you act quickly and that you understand the terms of the moratoriums. 


We offer free, HUD-approved Foreclosure Prevention Counseling to help you avoid scams and understand what your options are if you're struggling with your mortgage during this crisis. To begin the process with a HUD-Certified housing counselor start here:


 We’ve also put together some other resources to help you and your families out during this difficult time. They’re all listed by category below.



Frequently Asked Renter Questions
Student Loan Aid
The Salvation Army has distributed thousands of free meals and groceries to individuals and families in need.  You can reach out to the NJ Salvation Army offices here and they can direct you to services closer to your location:
Phone: 908-851-9300
Schools are also distributing free meals to students during the crisis.  Call your local Board of Education to get details on your school districts distribution plan, as every town's is different.
For movie lovers, HBO is offering its programming, including movies and shows, for free all April long:
For sports fans, you can watch free archived past games:
For parents looking for educational resources for their children, there are many options available.  Some of the best include:
The American Museum of Natural History's "Ology" website, including lessons in all kinds of sciences free for kids in grades K-12:
They also have some great videos on thier YouTube channel, including some behind-the-scenes videos of their exhibits on everything from space to dinosaurs:
Arizona State University has some great, free virtual field trips for kids, teaching them science and more:
The University of Michigan is offering their Brain Ventures for free - great, short lessons for students in grades K-12 that begin with a driving question and then explain the answer in a fun way:
And apps like Duolingo offer free language-learning for students and adults alike:
If you need to reach out to us, please call us a 973-659-9222 or email us at and we'll be happy to help you in any way we can.  We hope this helps you all a little bit as we all work together to keep our loved ones and our community safe.
Sending you warm wishes, 
The Housing Partnership