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Four Weeks In

Release Date: April 17, 2020

Tomorrow will be four weeks since Governor Murphy signed the Stay-at-Home order. These measures, though necessary, are taking a toll on all of us. Many, who are lucky enough to have employment, are homeschooling children while working full time jobs. Others are not so fortunate and have now lost their jobs as a result of this economic crisis accompanying the public health one. All of this is, of course, secondary to the looming threat and reality of the disease itself.


Many of the exchanges I have had with residents over the last month have been related to the challenges of this pandemic, but I have had even more conversations about the ways in which our community members have not only coped with, but found it within themselves to help others amid these circumstances.


An incredible number of you have taken it upon yourselves to assist our elderly residents, cook meals for our first responders, organize online fundraisers, and donate personal protective equipment to our healthcare workers. Our Police Department has been working around the clock to keep us safe while also lifting our spirits - helping to coordinate “teachers parades” and doing “birthday drive-bys." In the face of this pandemic, I am constantly blown away and inspired by the ingenuity, strength, and heart of our community members.


Social distancing should not mean social isolation. Please maintain social connections – check in on your neighbors. Connection can be a powerful healer. As you continue to look out for each other, remember that while you can draw happiness from helping others in their time of need, you need to be mindful of your needs as well. This is a marathon, not a sprint, and we all need to maintain the collective energy to keep going.


Please remember that if you need help, our community is here for you.


To get in touch with the town’s outreach efforts, please send an email to or call the non-emergency police number at 973-543-5848. Please leave a message and someone will get back to you.


The Mendhams Stigma-Free Task Force is also connecting residents across our communities to resources and support. You can follow them on Facebook at: or connect to the group by sending an email to


Young people can get free, confidential support by calling 2NDFLOOR, an anonymous helpline for youth and young adults between the ages of 10 – 24. The line is open to call or text at any time – 888-222-2228. If you’re overwhelmed and feel like you’re headed toward a crisis, please utilize NJ’s Crisis Text Line, text ‘NJ’ to 741741. The line is open 24/7, and a trained counselor will respond, listen, and help you through your concerns. If you or a neighbor need immediate medical and/or emergency care, please contact 911.


We have a lot on our minds these days, and it is OK not to know how to react – we are all learning and doing the best that we can during this time. As we deal with the growing uncertainty of the future, some days will be harder than others, but rest assured that we will get through this together.


Sarah Neibart

Mayor, Mendham Township