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Mendham Township

Founded 1749

Mendham Township

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A Message from the NJ State Department of Treasury Regarding the Homestead Benefit Program

Release Date: April 03, 2020

Because the COVID-19 pandemic  is anticipated to negatively impact the State economy, the New Jersey Department of the Treasury has frozen a portion of spending in order to ensure the State can meet its emergency and statutorily required obligations.  Regrettably, this includes freezing funding to support the 2017 Homestead Benefit program.  As a result, any credits intended to be applied to the May 1st property tax bills, including checks or direct deposit to homeowners who previously sold their home, or owners of continuing care and co-op facilities, can no longer be supported by the State at this time.  We empathize with homeowners who depend on these credits, but these proactive steps are necessary at this time.  Please continue to check Taxation's website and Treasury's homepage for updated information.