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A Message from Mayor Sarah Neibart

Release Date: March 19, 2020
A matter of social distancing.

As Mayor, last Friday, I declared a Local State of Emergency within Mendham Township. I closed all municipal buildings and fields to the public and called for all events over 50 people be postponed or canceled.  Last night, I went a step further and amended Friday’s proclamation to postpone or cancel events or gatherings of more than 10 people in the Township. I also aggressively encouraged social distancing practices.

I absolutely hate the idea of restricting or limiting people's movements, interactions, and economic activity but this situation is unprecedented.  We are dealing with historic health and economic challenges, challenges that will have a profound impact on our world for decades to come. This situation requires decisive and bold temporary government measures. Measures I would have never supported under any other circumstance. 

This global pandemic has already brought incredible stress to our healthcare system and everyday lives. I believe, if we work together we can prevent it from getting worse.

It is my job as mayor of Mendham Township to protect our residents, volunteers, and township employees. It’s important for people to understand that social distancing is not just standing six feet away from someone while being in large group gatherings.

Social distancing is…

  • Taking personal protective measures (stay home when sick, proper hand washing, respiratory etiquette, cleaning frequently touched surfaces daily).
  • Limiting your movement in the community unless absolutely necessary (bank, playground, grocery store, post office)
  • Preventing or limiting visitors from coming into your home (extended family, friends, or contractors)
  •  Not hosting or going to playdates or hanging out
  •  Limiting being in public spaces where you could come into contact with another person

Social distancing is way more than six feet out. It is less about the distance between me and you and more about the possibility of one of us exposing someone…a loved one or a stranger…who can’t fight this illness. I know social distancing is difficult and inconvenient but we are all in the same boat and we all need to follow the direction of our health professionals which is being communicated through the federal, state, and local governments for the good of our society.

Most of the time, as an elected official, I try to fix problems and find solutions by working with staff, residents, and other elected officials.  At this time, this problem affects us all and the outcome is dependent on all of us working together for the greater good.  No one is above social distancing.  Please do your part to protect your loved ones, neighbors, and the most vulnerable in our community.  Help us deal with it now, so we aren’t dealing with it later. #FlattentheCurve