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File Of Life

Release Date: April 16, 2013
Keep All Your Pertinent Medical Information In One Place-Be Prepared For A Health Emergency

The Mendham Township First Aid Squad responds to medical emergencies 24 hours a day 365 days a year.  The Squad is comprised entirely of volunteers, fully committed to providing residents of Mendham Township with the highest level of pre-hospital emergency care available.   All Mendham Township First Aid Squad members are New Jersey State Certified and held to the same standards as professional EMTs.
Medical emergencies are very frightening.  A little preparedness, however, can better position first responders to provide the assistance needed in a timely fashion.  One important way to save time is to have patient information readily available.   The following are questions that the squad will always ask when responding to a medical emergency.  This information is confidential by law and will only be shared with the emergency department when patient care is transferred upon arrival at the hospital:

  • Medications – keep a current list of all medications
  • Medical History – keep a list of current medical conditions and past medical history
  • Allergies – maintain a list of all known allergies
  • Physician - list patient’s physicians and phone number
  • Emergency contact - list the name and phone number of the patient’s emergency contact
Mendham Township First Aid Squad can provide a “File of Life” which is a small magnetic sleeve usually kept on the refrigerator.  It contains a form to make pertinent information easily organized and is quickly accessible during an emergency.  Residents interested in obtaining a File of Life are encouraged to call the Squad’s non- emergency number (973-543-1212) to request.