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Municipal Ordinances (Archive 2008-2009 PDF)   
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Township Ordinances
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2009 Ordinances

1-09:   Accepting the right of way known as 127 Mountainside Road on Block 116, Part of Lot 44
3-09:   Appropriating Capital Improvements

4-09:   Amending Sewer Service Charges for the Mendham West Sewer Utility
5-09:   Adjustment of budget cap

6-09:   Authorizes acquisition of property from the Drakewick Homeowners Association and Granting of Easement for Utility Purposes

7-09    Determines positions eligible for defined contribution program

8-09    Appropriating Capital Improvements

9-09    Establishes beach and recreation activity fees

10-09  Amending Ordinance 1-2009

11-09  Amending Chapter XV; Zoning Board of Adjustment

12-09  Supplementing Chapter XI; Zoning Regulations

13-09  Appropriating Capital Improvements

14-09  Fixing the Salaries of Certain Officers and Employees of the Township

15-09  Appropriating Capital Improvements

16-09  Authorizes Appropriation - Reassessment

17-09  Waiver of Fees to Promote Accessibility

18-09  Authorizes the Waiver of Land-Use Fees for Specified Non-Profit Organizations

19-09  Authorizes Acquisition of Real Property

20-09  Appropriating Capital Improvements

21-09  Authorizes Traffic Control, Speed, Stop Signs at Municipal Complex

22-09 Authorizes Traffic Control, Speed, Stop Signs at Mosle Preserve

2008 Ordinances

1-08:   Bond Ordinance Providing for Various Capital Improvements of the Township of Mendham

2-08:   In the CY 2008 budget year, the final appropriations of the Township of Mendham shall, in accordance with this ordinance and N.J.S.A. 40A: 4-45.14

3-08:   Bond Ordinance Providing For The Township's Share of the Acquisition of Real Property Located at 22 St. Johns Drive

4-08:   Permitting the Reuse of Existing Buildings as a Conditional Use
5-08:   Source Separation and Recycling
6-08:   Fixing the Salaries of Certain Officers and Employees of the Township

7-08    Fixing the Salaries of Certain Officers and Employees of the Township

8-08    Fixing the Salaries of Certain Officers and Employees of the Township

9-08    Appropriating Capital Improvements

10-08  Appropriating Capital Improvements

11-08  Amending Ordinance 9-2008

12-08 AppropriatiCapital Funds; Pitney Acquistionng

14-08 Authorizing Lease Agreement Pitney Property


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